Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost two weeks old and too fat

Pups' eyes are open so we will have to be careful with taking pics in the next few days. Paika is an angel; I know that she would rather run rabbits than stay with puppies but she is not showing it.  Three big pups look like walruses, they seem so fat. Yellow Female on the other hand is the smallest and most agile. She is not thin, just looks right.

In my opinion, size differences that we see now reflect pups' position in the womb and their size at birth. Over time these differences will change. For example, in the previous litter Sky was born weighing 315 grams and Summer was 300 grams. At two weeks they were 935 and 870 respectively, and at three weeks they both were the same weight 1220 grams. Now at almost 9 months, Sky is significantly larger than Summer though I don't have their currents weights.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

But they are still so QUTE!!!
Paika is a very good mother.