Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tommy as a puppy-sitter

Paika has not had any contact with the pups for the last three days as we got serious about weaning them. Next weekend there is a field trial in New Jersey, and I would like to take her along. She is not happy about not being able to be with them but we have no choice. At this age pups certainly are able to be weaned completely. Now they get three meals a day - for breakfast it is raw meat mix, afternoon it is a canned food and in the evening they eat dry kibble. This way they will be able to handle a variety of foods.

Yesterday I asked Tommy (FC Tom vom Linteler-Forst) to spend some time with Paika's puppies. Even though he is three and a half years old, he is still very playful and puppy-like. He was really good with the pups and they had a ball. There was a lot of running, chasing, digging and jumping!

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