Saturday, September 10, 2011

Puppies at five weeks

Yesterday was a first sunny day in  a long time, and puppies had a chance to be in the sunshine outside. They really enjoyed it. It is important now to spend some time on one-to-one basis with pups. It takes time but this way you can learn much more about the individual pups than when you watch them in a group.
Our neighbors' kids came to visit so puppies had a chance to socialize with them too. Every day pups get exposed to new items to play with - yesterday they got  fresh deer legs, a big cardboard box, and a brick (various textures, smells). They like to investigate and are drawn to new objects. To get more insights about it, I highly recommend Temple Grandin's book "Animal Makes Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals". You can read the first chapter online by clicking here.

When I look at these pups it strikes me how uniform this litter is as the pups are very alike in their conformation and body type. Their coats are almost identical. I don't recall having ever had such a litter. Pups' personalities will be different, and I can see the differences emerging now.

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