Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puppies are moved outside

Puppies have outgrown the old lodging arrangement (my den), so for the first time they spent a night outside, on their own. We have a good setup for them, which was described here. When I was preparing the shed for them, I was really surprised how resourceful they were. They were not concerned at all. Very curious and uninhibited  they investigated without showing any fear - climbed into new dog houses, and they also crawled under them. Then they settled in a large house, where I put their blanket and toys. This morning when I went to check on them and opened the shed so they could go into adjacent pen, they were fine. Today it is going to rain so it is a good thing that they can be in a dry shed (if they want to) on wood shavings. Now I'll have a chance to reclaim my working space! Today pups are turning 6 weeks old.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Its a lovely time. I hope I can have my second litter next year. Tyras pups were great and I´m considering use the same male again. But I have to plan it. We work both of us...and already week 12 is flight booked to Austria for skiing..