Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puppies are learning how to relate to other dogs and people

I have not had time to post in the last few days. I am taking Suzanne Clothier's course CARAT and underestimated amount of time that I had to spend working on the last assignment. So on Monday night I stayed up until 4 AM! It reminded me of how it used to be when I was a graduate student.

We continue to socialize puppies and started to work with them on liver drags. The below pics show their rich social life. So far we could not be happier with the pups!

Puppies met other members of our canine family. I think Tommy was the one who was the happiest playing with them. The picture shows Bella with the pups. She can be rough so when she plays with them, it needs to be done under our supervision.

When the weather is good pups spend a lot of time outside, but we bring them inside when we have meals. They need to be accustomed to the noises of every day life. Here they take a snooze in our kitchen/dining area.

Paika is a very good mom and still spends a lot of time with the pups.

Our neighbors Kevin and Paula brought their kids to play with the pups.

Logan was a big hit with Blue boy.

Mackenzie is high-spirited and the pups loved her.

I have some really good shots of Paula, which show a nurturing side of her character.

Red boy took a liking to Alicia's flip flops.

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