Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still waiting

Wednesday 10:50 AM
So far there is no change worth reporting.  Paika's temperature this morning was 99.0.
I washed her and trimmed her behind. Otherwise she has been sleeping all morning, and she is not showing any sign of being in labor. No panting, no shaking, no digging. We are still waiting.

Update 7:30 PM
Around 4 PM Paika walked into her whelping box, which now is lined with old t-shirts, towels etc, and things started to happen. She scratches and digs, throws up a little, and then goes back to sleep. We could be having puppies tonight or tomorrow morning. The below is a video taken around 7 PM.


Stan said...

I think she is loving all the pampering, so she's holding off as long as she can!

Hope all goes well when the time comes.

Paige said...

So glad she is getting ready to whelp. I understand what its like to be stuffed to overflowing with baby. I know she is ready. We are getting a pup from Claire Mancha.