Thursday, August 18, 2011

Puppies turn two weeks old

Two weeks ago Paika's puppies were born. Today I took them out for the first time, and they spent half an hour in a pen outside together with Paika. Their eyes are open, but they sleep 90% of the time. Puppies crawl around their whelping box pretty well but they will be fully mobile only in a week. They certainly respond to touch and smell. Some of them were actually trying to interact with me while I was stroking them.


Frankenmuth said...

Oh gosh, they're so beautiful! Looks like they might be a bit of a handful as they get older, but I'm sure you two will be able to handle them. :) Love the close ups, best thing to having the real thing in your lap. I look forward to more pictures, gotta get my puppy fix. :D

Stan said...

All cute, but I just love that pic of Blue Boy!