Monday, August 1, 2011

It is going to be a long day

Monday 10:30 AM
Paika is more uncomfortable and wants to be in eye contact with me.

I read my notes on Keena's last whelping, and if Paika follows the same patter, it might be a while. In Keena's case it took at least 36 hours from the temperature drop to the arrival of first puppy. So it looks like it might be a long day... It is too bad that John has an appointment in Albany this afternoon :-(  He is really good at pulling out stuck puppies.

Update 6 PM
No change in status quo. Paika is not eating and she is drinking very little. But she is not in distress, and her water did not break. I read my notes on Keena's first litter and as it turned out it took Keena three days to prepare for whelping. So I am going to relax as probably nothing is going to happen today. I might even sleep in my own bed.

Anyway, Paika likes to be touched and massaged, and this is a short video clip taken with our webcam.

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Stan said...

Hope everything goes smoothly. It's so cool that she wants to keep eye contact with you--she cares for you, and knows how much you care for her!

Good luck; I know you'll keep us posted when time allows.