Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paika is getting big and losing her appetite

I am going to document here Paika's last two weeks of her pregnancy, mainly for my own records. Paika's projected whelping date is around August 3 so we still have two more weeks. Today was the first day that in the morning she would not eat her breakfast consisting of dry Canidae food (for all life stages). However, when offered canned Canidae, she ate it with gusto. Her appetite is not as strong now in the morning as it used to be. She gets now three meals a day.


Stan said...

WOW! I know there are some EXCITED owners-to-be out there! I was one of them last year at this time! Folks, you are in for an unbelievably great ride! I have had dogs for almost 50 years, but none compares to our wirehaired bundle of joy! She tracks; she cuddles on the couch...she runs rabbits; she sleeps with us! She's an incredibly alert watchdog, but smothers our guests with kisses! Just a dynamite package.
Be prepared; you are about to succumb to uncontrollable love!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Wow Stan - thank you!!!