Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on the Q-puppies

Q-puppies are four months old now. Over the last few weeks we have received quite a few updates on the pups.

Let's start with QUENOTTE as she is the pup that we have kept. She is pretty small and when she had her rabies shot ten days ago or so she was 9.3 lbs. Her beard started to grow, and it is becoming clear that she is going to have the wirehaired coat very similar to her mom's coat - quite short and wiry with a medium beard. Quenotte is an easy going pup who sleeps during the night in her crate without any fuss. During the day she spends some time with us, and of course with the dogs. She is learning that not everybody cares to play with her, and if she insists on harassing older dogs, she gets corrected by them. The mild discipline is exactly what she needs.

She travelled with us to field trials in Michigan and it was a very good experience for her. She got to meet new people and see a lot of dogs. The picture below shows Quenotte schmoozing with Phil Ruggieri.

Quenotte is very affectionate and she just loved Phil Ruggieri
While we were running multiple dogs in Michiga, she spent her days in a pen watching her surroundings.

We take Quenotte on walks, and just yestarday she was swimming in the pond trying to get a feather floating there. We started with her easy obedience exercises and continue blood tracking training.


David Bells' QUELLA is doing well in training.


WALDO (Quantum) is helping Koren paint

Waldo's first canoe ride

Quick and his buddy Fitz

 Pam Ellenberger writes: Fitz and Quick are getting along very well. Quick never challenged Fitz and they have settled in together nicely Somehow Fitz know that he needs to be gentle with Quick. The biggest challenge we've had is to get used to a puppy this small. He can go through places that our cats don't even attempt! We've all decided that Quick is a perfect name since he can get into trouble in a flash. We love him & will stay in touch.


Stan said...

We've been wondering about how all the others are doing--thanks for the update.
I think of Waldo every time I see the Geiko commercial--what an amazing transformation he has made!!

Laila said...

Great update and pictures too. I love the dog pictures so cute. Good luck to the training!!!

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