Thursday, August 26, 2010

We are getting spoiled!

When Lynn and Ann were here last Saturday we lent them our Sherpa bag for transporting Rosette in the cabin on their flight back to Louisiana. Today we received the bag back and before I opened the box I had wondered why it was so heavy. As it turned out the bag was full of Louisiana goodies. Thank you Lynn and Ann!!! You have been way too generous. I guess you must really like Rosette :-) Now we have all the food to go with the beer and wine we received from Stan. And since next Friday we are hosting a UBT blood tracking test, we'll serve some of the Louisiana treats to trackers from Quebec.

We are truly blessed by all the wonderful people who got our puppies. They quickly are becoming part of our extended family.

I should mention that the Sherpa bag was a gift too that we received from Sherry Ruggieri several years ago. We have been putting it to a good use. The bag will go on its next trip to Georgia where Ruger will be going to his new home.

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