Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teckel family dynamics caught on video

When Pam and Hanna left with Quick, I let Gilda play with two remaining puppies. A larger puppy in the video, Ruger, is Gilda's son. The other one, Quenotte, is Keena's puppy. The video starts when Quenotte is inviting Gilda to play. Gilda is nice to the little pup but quite dismissive. She lights up though when Ruger joins the party. Throughout the rest of the play session she ignores Quenotte  (who is desperate to be part of the action). If you looked at these three dachshunds from a distance, you'd think that the three were playing together. In reality just two of them, Gilda and Ruger, a mother and a son, were playing, while Quenotte tried to join the fun.

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