Monday, August 16, 2010

A change of name for Queenie

We decided on the puppy that we are going to keep for ourselves, and it is going to be Queenie. The problem is that John does not like her name. When we started to use specific  names in reference to individual puppies, we had no idea which pup we are going to keep and hence the problem. Well, we have been debating the name change for quite a while now, and with the Q letter finding something that we both like has not been easy. I like French names starting with Q but there are not many of them. And we don't want a name that sounds similar to a names of a dog that we already have, for example Keena. So today we settled on a new word and we both like its sound. It is a french word Quenotte, and it means a tooth of a child. So now Queenie becomes Quenotte pronounced in a French way (kuh-nowt). For more on this word click here.

Why this particular puppy? She is not a very precocious pup in her tracking, but has showed us enough promise so far. Her agility and size are appealing as she is the smallest of the both litters (except for Geico/Waldo), and we are trying to reduce the size of dogs in our breeding program. He coat will be quite short, probably similar to Keena's coat. It means very little grooming (an important factor for us). She is going to have a short beard when mature. We like her responsiveness and very quick intelligence. So, at least for now, Quenotte is going to stay here.

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