Monday, August 9, 2010

And then there were eight...puppies

Last weekend was a busy one as we said good bye to four puppies. On Saturday two puppies left for their new homes.
David Bell and his wife Jacqueline came all the way from Ohio, and they left with Quella (orange collar).

Stan Kite, his wife Vonnie and son Lee came from New Jersey and left with Rilla (white collar).

Both David and Stan are members of the United Blood Trackers and will be using their dachshunds to help hunters recover wounded deer. Stan lives close to Maryland and Delaware and will be able to track in these states. Let's hope that New Jersey is going to legalize blood tracking really soon.

Then on Sunday we spent quite a few hours with Gunn and Mary Lou Gardner from NY and Justin Richins from Utah.
Gunn Gardner (above) is a member of Deer Search of Western New York, and Questa is going to be his tracking partner.

Justin Richins and his partner operate the largest outfitting company in the western part of the US, and Remy is going to track a variety of big game - deer, elk and moose. Justin spent almost all day with us and had a chance to see Remy working a liver drag. Justin's hunting season starts on August 15 and this is a very busy time of the year for him.

We are very fortunate that the pups are going to be in excellent working homes and will be doing what they were bred to do - track.

We are going to end this post with the latest picture of Geiko, who now is being called Waldo. How cool is that picture? On the weekend he also got to swim in the ocean!

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Stan said...

John and Jola--THANKS for the great hospitality last Saturday, and MANY THANKS for the great puppy! She just finished her first (since relocating to South Jersey) training line. 100 yds, 2 turns, aged 1 hour--she absolutely NAILED it--took her a little over 4 minutes. She did so well it was obvious I made it too easy! She's 11 weeks old today, so I am absolutey AMAZED at this early ability! BRING ON THE DEER SEASON! LOL
Thanks again.