Sunday, July 11, 2010

Puppies meet Nolan

Today we had a very nice visit from a future owner of our puppy. Gunn Gardner from Springwater, NY, a member of Deer Search, came all the way to visit puppies, and he was accompanied by his grandson Nolan. A nine-year-old Nolan was natural with puppies, and even though he got scratched by sharp nails and teeth, he played with pups for a long time, and then went for more. It was a great fun for puppies too! Nolan lives in Texas so probably we are not going to see him too often, and that's too bad. After we had played with the pups, we went to the pond to watch Bernie performing his tricks in the water. And then Nolan fished and caught a big catfish. Altogether a great day!

By the way, yesterday Keena's pups turned 7 weeks old and their weights were:
1. Quantum Green      1440 gr
2. Quick Red              2470 gr
3. Quentin Light Blue  2740 gr
4. Quint Navy             2360 gr

5. Queenie Yellow       2040 gr  
6. Quanta Pink            2470 gr
7. Quella Orange         2560 gr
8. Questa Lime            2130 gr
9. Quipster White        2600 gr


Stan said...

Young pups + young boy = natural match and lots of fun!

Who is Bernie? Maybe another dog belonging to Gunn?

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Bernie is ours. he is crazy about water. See

Stan said...

Just watched the "Bernie" video--Besides trying to catch the drops and barking, I love how his tail comes out of the water and whips around! I somehow missed the vid when you posted it, and I didn't see him listed under "Our Dogs" so I didn't know he existed!

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

His registered name is Darin, and he is listed at but he does not have his own page. His coat is short and he does not have a beard; he is a full brother to Billy. He is a neutered male described in and he is staying with us because he is a lot of fun!