Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The best picture of swimming puppies

Well, some would call it a complete waste of time, but I was very curious how other puppies would respond to the water.  I took additional two groups of pups to the pond. In the first group Ranger and Quipster proved to be very good swimmers. Even though Ranger was the first who went to the water, he was also the first to come out. Quipster was a natural - the way she navigated and made turns reminded me of Paika from a year ago. Then I took a group of three - Queenie, Geiko and Rilla. They were a bit reluctant at first so I took them on a walk around the pond. When I almost completed a circle I crossed the pond where the water was pretty shallow and very warm. They followed and swam across. The picture shows Queenie in the front, then Geiko, and Rilla.
Queenie, Geiko and Rilla swimming across the pond

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Stan said...

I don't think ANYTHING you and John do with dachshunds is a waste of time! In this case, you learned something about each pup, and each pup experienced something new; some took it to the next level, and some were more tentative.