Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puppies got their names

Today we decided to give puppies their registered names. It will be easier to refer to puppies by their names instead of colors. Puppies' new owners will be able to use their own call names; the below names will be used on pups' AKC registration papers.

Q-PUPPIES (Joeri/Keena)

1. Quantum   Green
2. Quick   Red
3. Quentin   Light Blue
4. Quint   Navy

5. Queenie   Yellow
6. Quanta   Pink
7. Quella   Orange
8. Questa   Lime
9. Quipster   White

R-PUPPIES (Joeri/Gilda)

1. Ranger   Black
2. Remy   Yellow
3. Ruger   Red

4. Rilla   White
5. Roulet   Pink

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