Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning how to drink from a dish

Gilda's puppies turned three weeks old yesterday, and today I offered them some Esbilac. They acted hungry, and Gilda was not too eager to let them nurse. Pups' erupting teeth are very sharp, and now both Keena and Gilda try to stay away from pups for longer stretches of time. I don't think pups got any Esbilac in, but it was a good try. Gilda finished the meal, and pups were learning from mom what to do with the "stuff" on a plate.
Puppies do not spend much time in their whelping boxes anymore. Keena's litter has a basically free run of my office. They are really good about sleeping in one area, where I put a couple of beds for them and trying to go to bathroom away from their nest. Keena still tends to all their needs. Every day they explore a bit further. Now they respond to my voice and come when I talk to them. They also start to play with one another. It is fun to have puppies in the office, but not a lot of work can be done this way.

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