Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kindness that exceeded all expectations - a big thank you to our vets

I have been worrying about Green boy, who is mothered by Gilda. Developmentally he is not lagging behind, but in the last two days he started to lose weight. He peaked at 550 gr two days ago. I have been trying to bottle feed him but without great results. I could see that he occasionally nursed, and Gilda was cleaning him, but the weight loss was troublesome. Yet, he did not look like a sick puppy at the end of his life.

I knew that I had to do something as watching him deteriorate was not an option. Today I took the pup to our vet. His heart sounds good, and Dr. Baldwin agreed that he does not look like a dying puppy that has to be put down. But the question how we could help him did not have a simple answer. He could be losing in the competition with stronger pups, and most pups in Q and R litters are almost twice his size. He should be able to eat on his own in several days, but he might not make it to reach this milestone if he is getting weaker. Then the solution materialized, and I could not believe my ears. Jeremiah Johnson, who is a vet tech at Cobleskill Veterinary Clinic offered to take the pup home to nurse him back to health. Apparently, this is his passion - saving  puppies and kittens, and he has done it many times. As he said, he likes the challenge. I asked about the compensation, and was told that the only reimbursement Jeremiah wanted was the cost of puppy formula. When I shook my head in disbelief, Dr. Baldwin showed me our folder and said "you have been good to us". Well, we have been clients for 11 years and usually have more than 10 dogs, so I can see his point. Yet, my vets' and especially Jeremiah's kindness exceeded my expectations and certainly warmed my heart. So Green puppy is now in good hands with Jeremiah, and I left the vet without paying a dime. We don't know whether the puppy is going to make it, and I certainly don't believe that puppies with serious problems should be saved. We'll keep you posted about how things develop.

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Stan said...

Sounds like Green Boy is in the best hands possible given the cicumstances. When I see the name Jeremiah Johnson, it reminds me of the character in American history, who's nickame was--The Liver Eater!