Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gilda's pups at 4 weeks

Tuesday was a difficult day as Gilda was sick. In the morning she was sluggish, and when I took her temperature it was 104.2. She did not want to eat, and she felt really poorly. I gave her several doses of oral calcium and in the afternoon her temperature went down to 102.7. But she still was without energy and would not eat. After talking to our vet, we put her on Clavamox (antibiotic). She improved overnight and today she was much better. Not a 100% yet though. We limited her access to puppies today, and they were fine today eating mainly raw diet.

They turned four weeks old yesterday, and today I took some pics of them.

The first picture is of Roulet, she was 1370 gr, I rated her coat as 4.5, and her teeth are just starting to come out.

Rilla (white collar) is 1320 gr, her coat is 4, and her teeth are starting to come out now.
Ranger (black) is 1440 gr, his coat is 2, and half of his teeth are out.
Remy (yellow) is 1430 gr, his coat is 2, and half of his teeth are out.
Ruger (red) is 1580 gr, his coat is 4 and his teeth are just starting to come out.

Well, it is disappointing to see three coats (out of 5) that will be on a soft and longer side. But this is something typical in wirehaired dachshunds. If a breeder selects for harsh and shorter coats, smooth coats show up. If the pendulum swings in the other direction, softer coats might dominate.

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