Sunday, May 30, 2010

Supermoms rule!

I consider Gilda and her daughter Keena Supermoms; Elli, Keena's grandmother was another Supermom. What do I mean by this term? You start with moms that whelp with ease and have excellent mothering instincts. They clean their babies, take care of them really well and they have plenty of milk. They love their puppies, and spend extra time with them. Sabina, Gilda's mother, was not like that. She did minimum that she could get away with. Below is the picture of Gilda's whelping box this morning. It was spotless, there was nothing to clean.

Keena's puppies turned one week old yesterday. I took their weights and they are:

Male Green at birth 230 gr, now 375 gr (he is growing more slowly than the rest so we are keeping eye on him; otherwise he seems to be fine)

Male Red at birth 230 gr, now 405

Male Navy at birth 250, now 510

Male Blue at birth 300, now 560

Female Pink at birth 340, now 590

Female Yellow at birth 295, now 510

Female White at birth 330, now 650

Female Lime at birth 250, now 510

Female Orange at birth 230, now 515

Puppies will opening their eyes when when they are around 10 days old. Right now their eyelids are sealed. They can't hear any sounds either, but they can certainly smell. They know how to find their mother pretty quickly.

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Stan said...

Should be some "eye-opening" events very soon!