Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keena's puppies are four days old

Keena's puppies continue to do very well. For the first two days Keena tried to carry them in her mouth to rearrange them in the whelping box. I did not like it and pups did not like it either. I think that she stopped doing it now that the pups have grown. She stays with the pups in the box most of the time, but this morning she was really happy to get out. When John let her out, she went on a short hunting expedition.
These are pups weights as of the May 26 evening. Sorry that they are in grams, for me it is much easier to compare weights this way than when they are expressed in pounds and ounces:
Male Green at birth 230 gr, now 300 gr
Male Red at birth 230 gr, now 315
Male Navy at birth 250, now 355
Male Blue at birth 300, now 440
Female Pink at birth 340, now 425
Female Yellow at birth 295, now 375
Female White at birth 330, now 460
Female Lime at birth 250, now 350
Female Orange at birth 230, now 345

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Stan said...

Great to hear everyone is doing well! Nice weight gains all around, too!
Grams are not so tough if we just remember that 454 grams equals 1 pound, and 28 grams equals 1 ounce.