Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This nice e-mail came from Lynn and Ann Pierce from Louisiana.

We have two youth weekends for the first time and this past weekend was the first of the two. We had 13 people at our camp and with all the camps in the area about 40 adults (family and friends) and 9 youth hunters and more to come this coming weekend. It was great. We all meet at one camp "GUT-BUSTERS" to do all the cleaning, cooking, and storytelling.

The atmosphere is great and a lot of fun. Maybe y'all could visit us one hunting season, it would really be great and fun to have y'all over to do some tracking.

Rosette's first track was very successful. My great nephew shot the deer at the end of a food plot, it ran about 225 yards and went into the woods where he could not see the direction the deer went. It was not a very long track, but defiantly long enough. Rossette found the blood, tracked it with a hard right turn and then a large half circle which she followed right on line and found the deer in very tall grass. We could have found the deer ourselves, but it was a great training exercise for her. We waited almost two hours before we started the track. No one knew where the deer was and if it was hit or not. We only knew the area at the end of the food plot where it was shot at. My nephew thought he had missed it. I told him we always go look when anyone shoots at a deer. You never know if it is hit or not.

Rosette (Roulette von Moosbach-Zuzelek) at the end of successful track
Several hours before the above track my other great nephew shot a deer but it fell in its tracks. So I had my nephew pull it several hundred yards and hide it in the woods where no one of us knew where it was hidden.
Rosette followed the track perfectly right to the deer. This was a fresh track about 30 minutes after the kill.

For both tracks I had a hard time holding her, Rosette was all business and she was tracking with much enthusiasm and fire and she loved it. I did too.....

She loves the hunting camp atmosphere and she is great at the camp with the other dogs and everyone loves her. I am very pleased with her and she is a great companion. She is very mild mannered, laid back, and loves playing with the grandkids and great nieces and nephews. You did a great job picking her for Ann & I. She's just what we wanted.

Well, that's it for now.

Thanks and happy tracking,


Friday, October 8, 2010

First recoveries for Quella and Mya (Quanta)

We sold three 2010 puppies to hunters from Ohio and two days ago we heard from the two of them.

David Bell who has Quella (Joeri/Keena) wrote:

Hey Jolanta, I just wanted to let you know that Quella is two for two in finding deer. The first track was 4 hours old. Quella seemed to be overwhelmed at first and I had to restart her three times on the 120 yard track, which had very little blood at first for the first 10 feet. I had to use flashlights at the time and I couldn't see any blood, but they were cheap led lights, which weren't very bright. The third time I put her on it she took me straight to the deer. She could have been right the first time, but I wasn't seeing any blood, so I re-started her on it. Well, to make a long story short on this track I believe the reason she was wrong the first time was that she was tracking the coyotes that had found the young button buck before Quella did (and they had blood on their feet).

The second time I took her out was on a call that was only two hours old. Quella found the deer with no problem at all, which was a training line for her (my firend shot the deer). The deer went around 125 yds with two wound beds and some decent blood at times. This time out I had my new coon light from Kelley's K Light Supply. It was their top light, with the G-2L Advantage Head on it. Quella took me straight to the deer and my buddy and his cousin were saying that they couldn't believe how good this little dachshund is. They were kind of laughing at first when they first seen her, but she made quick believers of her flawless nose work. Thanks again for a awesome dog. The tracks I mentioned were on the 4th and 5th by the way.

Bill Brown wrote about Mya (Quanta):

Jolanta, hopefully all is well with you and John. Were all doing fine and couldn’t be any happier with Mya.We all have her spoiled rotten and my labs love her too. She has been doing very well on her training exercises, not perfect but she has always ended well. She had her 1st real deer tracking this past Sat. I knew where the deer was, about a 150yd job, had to get her on the blood a couple of times but she did extremely well. She got very excited when she got to the deer licked the wound and wanted to chew and enjoyed the piece of liver she was given. Can’t wait for her next tracking job, now that she knows the end results. I’ll keep you updated.

David and Bill, good to hear from you. Good tracking and hunting - keep us posted!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jezy gets a taste of real tracking

This morning brought a nice e-mail from Jerry Davis:

Jezy [Quipster] went on her first two real blood trails last week. They were both good bow shots and easy tracks (75 yards or so long). Her desire to track was strong ! It was priceless to watch her astonishment upon finding the first deer. She was quite taken back and slowly circled the deer. Upon much praise and encouragement , she was then delighted to chew on the deer's tongue during the entire drag out of the woods. I think she really got the idea as she showed better focus on the second track .

She's made a great house dog and seems sure to become a good tracker as well. During our daily walks she is constantly "hunting" prompting my wife to comment that she was "born-to-track"!

Good job Jezy! These easy real tracks are a great training tool for puppies.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quentin, now Radar, and his training

Radar (Quentin von Moosbach-Zuzelek) and his owner Craig Dougherty of Northern Whitetails have been doing well. In his first report Craig wrote "Talk about personality! This guy has it all. He is a real charmer and incredibly observant. He sure acts a lot more like my Lab puppies than the beagles I used to keep. He took to the crate like a champ and sleeps peacefully through the night. Housebreaking is coming along nicely and he answers to his name nicely."

The recent e-mail says: "Wanted to let you know that Neil and I are now "official" and legal having passed the NY Certification Test. Radar seems to be coming along nicely. Working him about 2x per week on different concepts. Did nicely on a 24 hr. trail last week in the rain. Worked him around the perimeter of a heavily used plot with lots of fresh sign the other morning. He showed plenty of interest in the fresh trails but with a little help stayed "true" to the 12 hr blood trail we were working. I am learning every day. Now wearing ring of clothes pin flagging around my neck when putting out a trail after learning how easy it is to loose track of a trail that you were sure you would remember a half day earlier. Have replaced my plastic puppy clothesline with a nice orange training line which moves through the woods better and picked up a wide tracking collar I had made from our local Amish harness maker (he happens to practice QDM as well).

Radar seems quite 'calm" when trailing. Nothing "frantic" like I have seen with some other dogs when they are working some kind of scent trail. You can generally tell when he is back on track after drifting off line but he doesn't make a real big deal over being back "on line" he just moves on without a lot of drift."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on the Q-puppies

Q-puppies are four months old now. Over the last few weeks we have received quite a few updates on the pups.

Let's start with QUENOTTE as she is the pup that we have kept. She is pretty small and when she had her rabies shot ten days ago or so she was 9.3 lbs. Her beard started to grow, and it is becoming clear that she is going to have the wirehaired coat very similar to her mom's coat - quite short and wiry with a medium beard. Quenotte is an easy going pup who sleeps during the night in her crate without any fuss. During the day she spends some time with us, and of course with the dogs. She is learning that not everybody cares to play with her, and if she insists on harassing older dogs, she gets corrected by them. The mild discipline is exactly what she needs.

She travelled with us to field trials in Michigan and it was a very good experience for her. She got to meet new people and see a lot of dogs. The picture below shows Quenotte schmoozing with Phil Ruggieri.

Quenotte is very affectionate and she just loved Phil Ruggieri
While we were running multiple dogs in Michiga, she spent her days in a pen watching her surroundings.

We take Quenotte on walks, and just yestarday she was swimming in the pond trying to get a feather floating there. We started with her easy obedience exercises and continue blood tracking training.


David Bells' QUELLA is doing well in training.


WALDO (Quantum) is helping Koren paint

Waldo's first canoe ride

Quick and his buddy Fitz

 Pam Ellenberger writes: Fitz and Quick are getting along very well. Quick never challenged Fitz and they have settled in together nicely Somehow Fitz know that he needs to be gentle with Quick. The biggest challenge we've had is to get used to a puppy this small. He can go through places that our cats don't even attempt! We've all decided that Quick is a perfect name since he can get into trouble in a flash. We love him & will stay in touch.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rilla - before and after

We have received many e-mails and pics of Q- and R-pups and will be posting them really soon. Our trip to Michigan field trials has caused a big delay in our posting but we should be catching up in the next few days.

Below are three pictures of Rilla - before and after a grooming session with Sherry Ruggieri. What a difference! Thanks Stan for the fantastic pics. And congratulations on Rilla's first "real" deer. Stan wrote a week ago: "Rilla had two "finds" yesterday--both my sons filled their antlerless tags, and we let Rilla "find" them. It was fun, she did VERY well, and was only a little bit intimidated by the sight of her first whole deer."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ruger is on his journey to a new home in Georgia

Josey Visnovske from Georgia was planning to come here to pick up his puppy on Friday evening. He was planning to drive from Maryland, where he was for his job, and next day he was to go back to MD to catch a flight back home. The hurricane Earl complicated things tremendously. So last night Josey came here after 11 pm, stayed with us overnight and left today at 7 am with Ruger in his arms...well in a Sherpa bag.

We hope Josey and Ruger make home tonight without further complications. Good luck to both of you; please stay in touch!

We have been receiving good feedback about puppies but have had no time to post it. Things should get better soon, especially after Saturday, when we are hosting a United Blood Trackers test here in Berne.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rosette and a bad weather in Louisiana

It is about time to post some updates on how puppies have been doing in their new homes. Today we received this shocking picture and a letter from Lynn and Ann Pierce from Louisiana.

We had unbelievable amount of rain Saturday and I thought it would be a good time to check out Rosette under those types of conditions in our yard. We had thunder, lightning and pretty hard rain while we were playing in the water together and she did great. (I did not want to pass up this opportunity).
She really enjoyed herself and I did too, and she was never concerned with the bad weather. She is adjusting perfectly and  this weekend we are heading to our deer hunting camp in Woodville, Mississippi north of St. Francisville, Louisiana. 

I will introduce her to the hunting grounds where she will be doing her deer tracking this hunting season. I will do a couple of drags with her in the woods to see how she does in her new surroundings.

We are all enjoying her a lot. Thanks for a great puppy.

Lynn and Ann,
You would not find me playing in the water during thunderstorm and lightning! But I guess you guys play differently in Louisiana. Please be careful and stay safe. I guess all this exposure of puppies to the pond and water has been paying off. Rosette must be one resilient puppy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We are getting spoiled!

When Lynn and Ann were here last Saturday we lent them our Sherpa bag for transporting Rosette in the cabin on their flight back to Louisiana. Today we received the bag back and before I opened the box I had wondered why it was so heavy. As it turned out the bag was full of Louisiana goodies. Thank you Lynn and Ann!!! You have been way too generous. I guess you must really like Rosette :-) Now we have all the food to go with the beer and wine we received from Stan. And since next Friday we are hosting a UBT blood tracking test, we'll serve some of the Louisiana treats to trackers from Quebec.

We are truly blessed by all the wonderful people who got our puppies. They quickly are becoming part of our extended family.

I should mention that the Sherpa bag was a gift too that we received from Sherry Ruggieri several years ago. We have been putting it to a good use. The bag will go on its next trip to Georgia where Ruger will be going to his new home.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teckel family dynamics caught on video

When Pam and Hanna left with Quick, I let Gilda play with two remaining puppies. A larger puppy in the video, Ruger, is Gilda's son. The other one, Quenotte, is Keena's puppy. The video starts when Quenotte is inviting Gilda to play. Gilda is nice to the little pup but quite dismissive. She lights up though when Ruger joins the party. Throughout the rest of the play session she ignores Quenotte  (who is desperate to be part of the action). If you looked at these three dachshunds from a distance, you'd think that the three were playing together. In reality just two of them, Gilda and Ruger, a mother and a son, were playing, while Quenotte tried to join the fun.

Quick and his new home in Reading, PA

Today Quick left for his new home in Reading, PA. He is going to live on a 55-acre farm, where Pam Ellenberger and Paul Stelmach's family is going to move this fall. Pam is a surgeon, but she quit her job to become a farmer and raise alpacas. I can relate to that career move :-)  Pam and Paul fell in love with the wirehaired dachshund Georgia (Nellie von Moosbach-Zuzelek) owned by their friend and hunting buddy from Texas, Paul Vrana. Quick is going to be their daughter's dog.

Hanna, good luck with Quick! Stay in touch; I am sure that Quick's life will be full adventures.

Pam and Hanna with Quick

Monday, August 23, 2010

Where is Waldo?

Many thanks to Susanne for this very cute picture of Waldo (previously Geico).

Today we said goodbye to Ranger

Today Ranger left for a new home with Gail and Vince Latella from Long Island. The Latellas have already one dachshund from us, an eight-year-old Hannah. They have been on our waiting list for two years now. The "problem" is that Gail and Vince do not hunt so they have been patiently waiting for a "pet" puppy. We never know in advance whether we will have a pet puppy so actually getting a puppy like this from us sometimes requires a very long waiting period. In the last week we decided that Gail and Vince's home will be a right one for Ranger.

We always select a puppy for new owners with a puppy's best interest at heart. Ranger is a gorgeous puppy, who actually uses his nose a lot and follows a scent line well. He has a hunting drive, but his temperament is not as solid as we like to see. He is on a somewhat nervous and timid side; he does not want to be crowded by other pups and dogs, and he is very submissive with people. We could see the difference in his behavior early, especially when we started to expose puppies to loud noises. His first experience with the sound of bubble wrap was caught on this video. He is the puppy who is very nervous about the crackling sound of bubble wrap and tries to hide.

Ranger is now 13 weeks old and he has come a long way. He does not show noise sensitivity any more. But we decided that he will be better off in a home where there is not going to be any pressure to perform in the field. Gail is retired now and Ranger will have an excellent home with a lot of love and attention. Hopefully he and Hannah will become good buddies and will enjoy a large back yard together. Below are the pics of Vince, Gail and their niece Elizabeth.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roulette aka Rosette and her new owners from Louisiana

Yesterday we had a pleasure of spending a day with Lynn and Ann Pierce. They came all the way from Cut Off, Louisiana, to pick up their new puppy. I have included a map of the nearby area where they live; it is 60 miles south of New Orleans and quite close to the recent oil spill.

Lynn is an avid deer hunter and outdoorsman. He approached us in January about getting a puppy that would have a good potential for blood tracking and at the same time be a companion for their family. Ann and Lynn have three grandchildren and another one is expected soon so the pup would have to be good with young kids. We think that Roulette, who now is going to be called Rosette, is a good choice.

Lynn impressed us a great deal when he showed his binder with the very neatly organized information and pictures collected from our blogs. Usually we give puppy buyers a binder with some printed info, but this man's binder was already at least two inches thick. Wow!!!

View Larger Map

Lynn and Ann - good luck with your puppy. Call or e-mail any time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pictures of puppies at the age of 3 months

Puppies are almost three months old. This is how they look like at this age.










Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new puppy for Craig Dougherty of NorthCountry Whitetails

Time flies when you are having fun. So the seven hours that we spent with Craig Dougherty and Sharon Scholl of NorthCountry Whitetails felt more like an hour. Craig and his son Neil have taken food plot management to its highest level, and they are the authors of highly successful and popular  Grow 'Em Right: A Guide to Creating Habitat and Food Plots.

We are sure that Craig's work with Quentin (aka Radar) is going to generate a lot of interest in the use of blood tracking dogs in the recovery of wounded whitetails.

It was great meeting you Craig and Sharon. Good luck with Radar!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A pack of six puppies

We are down to six puppies, and two more will be going to their new homes in the next five days. We are enjoying the six puppies a great deal! These are just a couple of pics to prove it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A change of name for Queenie

We decided on the puppy that we are going to keep for ourselves, and it is going to be Queenie. The problem is that John does not like her name. When we started to use specific  names in reference to individual puppies, we had no idea which pup we are going to keep and hence the problem. Well, we have been debating the name change for quite a while now, and with the Q letter finding something that we both like has not been easy. I like French names starting with Q but there are not many of them. And we don't want a name that sounds similar to a names of a dog that we already have, for example Keena. So today we settled on a new word and we both like its sound. It is a french word Quenotte, and it means a tooth of a child. So now Queenie becomes Quenotte pronounced in a French way (kuh-nowt). For more on this word click here.

Why this particular puppy? She is not a very precocious pup in her tracking, but has showed us enough promise so far. Her agility and size are appealing as she is the smallest of the both litters (except for Geico/Waldo), and we are trying to reduce the size of dogs in our breeding program. He coat will be quite short, probably similar to Keena's coat. It means very little grooming (an important factor for us). She is going to have a short beard when mature. We like her responsiveness and very quick intelligence. So, at least for now, Quenotte is going to stay here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another busy weekend spent with new puppy owners from Ohio

Saturday was a busy and long day. We usually spend 5 hours with new puppy owners and this was not an exception. In the morning the Byington family from Sandusky, Ohio made an early appearance. As it turned out they drove all night long and were in our driveway at 7:45 am. We enjoyed our time spent with them, and they left with Quint at 2:30 pm. Quint is a good match for Ben, Heather and their two kids, 1 and 4. He is an affectionate and easy going pup, who never growled at us, even at the end of the blood line with the deer liver in his mouth. I think this year our biggest challenge has been to decide which puppies should go to families with small children. All the puppies have shown good potential for blood tracking and from this point of view we have been very impressed with both litters. At the same time the pups have demonstrated a wide range of temperaments and activity level, and we had to take these factors into consideration when making decision how to match puppies with their new owners.

We spent the rest of Saturday and morning on Sunday with Bill and Laurie Brown, and their two sons Billy and Wiley. Quanta, who most likely is going to be called Maya, will be living with the Brown family in Paris, Ohio. This is a family of deer hunters, and Quanta will fit right in.

Ben and his new puppy Quint

Billy, Bill, Laurie and Wiley Brown with Quanta

Monday, August 9, 2010

And then there were eight...puppies

Last weekend was a busy one as we said good bye to four puppies. On Saturday two puppies left for their new homes.
David Bell and his wife Jacqueline came all the way from Ohio, and they left with Quella (orange collar).

Stan Kite, his wife Vonnie and son Lee came from New Jersey and left with Rilla (white collar).

Both David and Stan are members of the United Blood Trackers and will be using their dachshunds to help hunters recover wounded deer. Stan lives close to Maryland and Delaware and will be able to track in these states. Let's hope that New Jersey is going to legalize blood tracking really soon.

Then on Sunday we spent quite a few hours with Gunn and Mary Lou Gardner from NY and Justin Richins from Utah.
Gunn Gardner (above) is a member of Deer Search of Western New York, and Questa is going to be his tracking partner.

Justin Richins and his partner operate the largest outfitting company in the western part of the US, and Remy is going to track a variety of big game - deer, elk and moose. Justin spent almost all day with us and had a chance to see Remy working a liver drag. Justin's hunting season starts on August 15 and this is a very busy time of the year for him.

We are very fortunate that the pups are going to be in excellent working homes and will be doing what they were bred to do - track.

We are going to end this post with the latest picture of Geiko, who now is being called Waldo. How cool is that picture? On the weekend he also got to swim in the ocean!