Sunday, November 22, 2009

Radar's tracking success

No doubt that the first recoveries by young dogs in their first blood tracking season are going to be very memorable.

I was happy to hear from Rex Marshall from Ohio that Radar (Oak v Moosbach-Zuzelek, a Joeri/Emma son) had a chance to track: "Radar found 2 deer these past 2 weeks, one doe and one 9 point buck! It was really fun and exciting to see him track & to finally find the real deal at the end of the trail. Both tracks were easy. I could follow them both from a standing position & see the blood, but I wanted Radar to track them so he could find a real deer at the end. Both tracks were approx 250-300 yards long. He definitely claimed them at the end--do they ever stop barking?? BTW, yesterday I was called to help track a third deer (buck), but Radar couldn't find that one. Honestly, from the sign I saw, I think the hunter never hit any vital organs and the deer survives today. The arrow must have hit the meaty portion of the upper front leg area cause there was only a spotty blood trail. I haven't introduced Radar to tracking specifically on the interdigital scent gland yet, so was unsure if he was on the right track or not after the blood stopped. He stayed with it for 1.5-2 hours though before we gave up. I'm proud of him for not quitting.."

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