Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doc's first deer

Stanley Thrasher from Alabama reported that last weekend was opening weekend for youth hunt. Doc (Pushkin) got his first call to recover a deer. The deer was for a 7 year old his first deer it was an 80lb. doe. the little boy was so happy when doc recovered his deer.

The trail was approx. 2-3 hours old. It was about 75 yards out of the clear cut. It was so thick we had to crawl on knees to get through it. Doc had no problem finding the deer. It took him about 5 minutes to find it after he hit the trail. The first thing he did was latch onto the deer's tail and chewed on it then he would chew on a leg. I got Doc off the deer and asked the man to cut the deer tail off for Doc to have as his trophy. Doc did not want the tail he wanted the deer. As the man pulled the deer past Doc he latched onto the deer. The man was pulling Doc and the deer up the hill. I then took Doc and put him in the truck.

Congratulations to Stanley and Doc!

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