Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First wounded deer recovery for Remi (Olive)

I received a copy of the e-mail that Matt sent to his friends last night:

Without Remi, we never would have found this 8 pnt that Lee shot in the wind and rain tonight. When we got out in the woods at 7:15, it took us 30 minutes to find the first blood, once we put Remi on the blood trail, she took us directly to within 10 yards of where the deer had fallen, about 200 yards of thick swamp from where dad arrowed it. The blood stopped and the deer scent was so strong that Remi couldn't pin point the dead animal. So we just walked in circles from the spot where Remi starting going erratic, and found this huge buck.
Peg helped me haul the monster back, which took about an hour. (Glad I'm having my knee surgery tomorrow.) Check out the blood on Peg's left shoulder in one of the pix, she rocks. :)
No more wise cracks about my serious hound... :)

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