Friday, August 21, 2009

Update on Koa (Grock)

Chris Surtees writes about Koa (Grock):

Koa has adjusted very well. Our tracking sessions have been going good. He is very focused for the most part but does on occasion get side tracked on long tracks.

Our longest to date was 4 hour old and 500 meter with two turns. He was doing excellent on this track until some folks out for a walk seen us and got nosey. Koa broke from the trail when he heard them start calling "What a cute puppy". Once all the petting and questions were over we fiddled around for a minute or two so he could calm down. I then placed him back the trail about 20 meters from the first turn. He over shot it a bit but corrected himself very well. After that the trail went along without any other issues.

So far he has shown that he will track just about anything he is put on. We have worked with beef, and deer liver, squirrel, rabbit, and pigeon. We have a hunt coming up in South Carolina and hope he will get some work on deer and hogs.

We have also been working on cage training which is almost complete. He is for the most part house broken but does have an accident every now and then. Koa loves riding in the Jeep...both in and out of his crate.

He really enjoys playing with other dogs and kids. Overall I could not be happier with his temperament. Koa is very excited with his finds but is not so over possessive that I cannot take it away from him. He loves playing chase with his finds and really thrives on praise.

Our only big issue is his chewing. He has plenty of toys and chews but still insists on chewing just about anything he can find. He knows he is wrong but still does it. Hard headed is all I can say. He spends time in his crate when he is caught.

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