Monday, June 29, 2009

Update on Patti (now Lucy)

We received e-mail from Dan Davis from Wisconsin, who picked up Patti (Lucy) on Thursday. Actually P-puppies (out of Theo and Keena) are 13 weeks old today.

I wanted to let you know that we ran our first blood line with Patti today. We ran it in the woods behind our house. The line aged 3 hrs. before she started on it and was 60 yards long with one turn. She made it to the end with very little trouble. She left the line twice, but corrected herself after no more than 5 yards off of the line. As you observed, she was quite possessive of the deer leg we left at the end. After we practiced her letting me take it from her several times she carried it off and hid it in some ground cover we have in the backyard. The only time we have heard her bark since we got her was when Mary tried to take the leg from her. With a few repetitions that was easily corrected too.

We have also introduced Patti to a few other dogs and so far have found her to be very submissive. The dogs have been bigger and older though so that may explain her submissiveness. She is still a little confused about when she is inside and when she is outside, but we're working on it.

We have noticed one little quirk with Patti in that when she lays down she always lays next to my tennis shoes. I have made it a point to leave them next to her crate and she has gone into the crate on her own ever since.

The picture attached is Patti with her first "find."


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