Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on Poker (now Bentley)

We received this very nice and informative e-mail from Sarah, who owns Poker, a Theo/Keena pup. Poker's new name is Bentley.

Hi Jolanta & John,

Just thought I would give you a little update on Bentley (Poker) since he has been with me for the past few weeks.

He has fully adjusted to life here in Elba and seems to be very happy. We go on visits to my mom's house where he plays with Shadow and we visit family in Scottsville where he has lots of doggy friends.

Bentley is doing very well with his tracking so far. We haven't been together long, but there is definitely a partnership forming between us when we do practice trails. This past weekend we did a blood trail that moved through short grass, tall grass, gravel and bare ground. Before we were able to work the line it drizzled for about an hour. I was worried that the trail may be too hard for him, but he was able to follow the trail and find the prize at the end (a rabbit). At times he gets overly excited and moves too quickly, but he is learning and I have all the confidence in him that he will become an excellent tracker.

There is a herd of beef cows that live behind our house and he is very amused by their sounds and smells, but he never strays too close. He will watch from the edge of the fence and runs for the house when they start walking his way. My family owns several reindeer which we went to see the other day. I expected him to have a similar reaction to the reindeer as he does with the cows, but to my amazement he wanted to march right in their pen and show them who's boss!

I have found that he tends to be more accident prone when it is wet outside. I don't think he likes the wet grass on his belly! Other than that he is pretty good about doing his business outside.

He is now on K-9 advantix and he had his second vaccination two weeks ago. He has a good appetite and has started putting on more muscle weight. His little belly has slimmed down to a more appropriate size now and he is looking good. He has a nice shiny coat and he seems to be doing very well on the Canidae dry dog food.


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