Monday, June 15, 2009

Remi on vacation

Matt and Peg wrote:

We continue to enjoy our new addition to the family. Remi in now fully house trained and hasn't had an accident in weeks. She enjoyed her first camping trip last week and loved all the new adventures, sights, and sounds. She even slept soundly in the vestibule of the tent with Freedom through a major thunder storm.

She spent much of her time roaming the sand bars and sleeping on Peg's lap in the canoe. She caught fish with the boys, and loved the water.

Remi and Freedom have become great friends. Yesterday, Freedom was chewing on a deer femur bone, and Remi went up and took it right out of her mouth, Freedom just watched her walk away to go bury it somewhere. Oh yes, that's another thing we're not used to seeing with our dogs. Remi loves to bury her favorite possessions.

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