Friday, June 5, 2009

NATC Breed Warden's inspection of Gilda's puppies

On Sunday Gilda's puppies were inspected by Anke Masters, who is NATC Chief Breed Warden. Anke checked every puppy's dentition and palpated pups' tails to see whether there are any abnormalities. She also checked whether male puppies have both testicles.

The FCI standard is very strict when it comes to missing teeth. These pups are still very young, they were just eight weeks at the time of inspection. Therefore, in two cases when one incissor is missing (Grock and Grannie), the teeth might still come out.

Then puppies were tattooed. Anke first shaved the inside of puppy's right ear and cleaned it with alcohol. Then she used clamps that have small needles, which form a code for each tattoo. The last step was to rub the green ink in. Now every puppy has a unique tattoo, for example Grizzly has a tattoo 02US37. The NATC's code is US, 02 stands for our kennel's number and 37 means that Grizzly is the 37th puppy inspected and tattooed in our kennel.

The pups were not happy going through the procedure but at this age they are very resilient. They were certainly not traumatized by the experience.

Every year the DTK (Deutscher Teckelklub) publishes a four pound heavy breed book Zuchtbuch, which lists all the litters and puppies born in a given year and registered with the DTK. The book also includes all the results of shows and hunting tests. It is an incredible and invaluable source of information.

If you go to Zuchtbuch 2005 and search for von Moosbach-Zuzelek, you will find a listing for our D-litter born in 2005 showing registration number for each puppy, its name, gender, color and tattoo:

0504791R Darin von Moosbach-Zuzelek R sf. 02US 20
0504792R Dylan* R sf. 02US 21
0504793R Danica H sf. 02US 22
0504794R Danka H sf. 02US 23
0504795R Dee H sf. 02US 24
0504796R Demi* H sf. 02US 25
0504797R Diestel* H sf. 02US 26
0504798R Drossel H sf. 02US 27
0504799R Dyani H sf. 02US 28
Z. Jolanta u. Dr. John Jeanneney USA- Berne,NY 12023-2920 – WS.: 2, 7 / 0, 0
– WT 15.10.2005
v. GS 1999 Alfi von der Hardt-Höhe 9707062R, dkl.sf., Sp/J, Sp, St, SchwhK,
Sw1/1, SchwhK/40, SchwhN, Vp, BhFK 95, BhFN, BhDN, SchwhKF, WaS,
a. Elli v Moosbach-Zuzelek SW A2020082,HM95663406, sf., (V)
Pups marked with *ZBZ had a missing incissor at the time of inspection.
Many thanks to Patt Nance for taking the pictures!

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