Monday, June 8, 2009

Gilda's pups go for a long walk

Gilda's pups went for a long walk today. They are not the same puppies as they were two weeks ago. Now they are quite independent and not that concerned whether I am around or not. They investigated and disappeared in the long grass. It took me a while to round them up and coach them to follow.
Yesterday I weighed the pups and the weights are:
Gwen 8.75 lbs
Ginie 7.5 lbs
Grannie 7 lbs
Grizzly 10 lbs
Gunner 8 lbs
Grock 7.5 lbs
Gunther 7 lbs

I also weighed (yesterday) Keena's pups who are 6 days older:
Parker 10.5 lbs
Poker 10 lbs
Pushkin 9 lbs
Petrus 9 lbs
Paika 9.5 lbs
Poppy 8.5 lbs
Patti 8.5
On average "P" pups are quite a bit larger than "G" pups, which I find odd. Gilda and Billy are larger in size than Theo and Keena, and in her previous litter Keena produced some really small pups (the smallest one is Warren Stricland's Mikki, who is just 11 lbs).

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