Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"G" puppies travel to New Jersey and get inspected by NATC breed warden

On Sunday I drove to Rockaway, NJ to attend the NATC Zuchtschau.
Besides having with me Joeri and Tommy, the two dogs I was showing, I also took Gilda's eight pups, which were to be inspected by Anke Masters, NATC Breed Warden. Pups just turned eight weeks old on Saturday. They traveled surprisingly well (it was a three hour drive). I stayed in New Jersey until 6 pm, and pups had a ball. They were a kid magnet. Actually right now they are adorable, and people who attended the Zuchtschau could not help themselves and had to pet the pups. It was a great socialization! None of the pups showed any signs of timidness.
I will write more about the inspection when I get pictures from a friend who documented the process.

It is a rubber toy that Gunner is playing with!

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