Monday, May 4, 2009

Update on Gilda's puppies

Gilda's pups are just over four weeks old. We have not started to wean them yet, and Gilda is happy to eat as much as she wants so she can produce a lot of milk. Pups look nice, and yesterday when I went over them, I could palpate that all males' testicles were down. The pups weights are: Males - Sage 1555 g, Purple 1350 g, Red 1340 g, Green 1150 g; Females - Pink 1605 g, Cream 1340 g, Orange 1280 g and Lime 1245 g. Yesterday they had the first "encounter" with the deer hide and they were fascinated.
At night they are in my office in a large whelping box, and during the day usually they are outside in a pen, next to our house.

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