Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gilda's pups at 6.5 weeks

Today Gilda's pups are 6.5 weeks old. We named them so it is going to be easier to refer to them. Names and colors of their collars are on the pictures. It looks like two females, Gwen and Greta, are going to be smooth with double coat.

Breeding wirehaired dachshunds is highly unpredictable as far as the coat is concerned. In previous litters of Billy and Gilda we had a higher proportion of ideal wire coats. In this litter we have more softer coats than we usually get.

Next weekend, on May 31, I am going to take the puppies to New Jersey, where the NATC is having a Zuchtschau. I will show Tommy and Joeri at the Zuchtschau, and later in the day Anke Master, NATC Breed Warden, is going to inspect and tattoo these puppies. Today we vaccinated them for the first time with Merial rDAPP vaccine. When we were done with pictures and vaccination (we give our own shots), pups were so tired that they fell asleep. It was a good opportunity to cut their nails and then put them in crates.

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