Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saying good-bye to Oak

Today we said good-bye to Oak, who from now on is going to be called "Radar". He is going to live and blood track in Wilmington, Ohio with Rex and Eva Marshall. Rex and Eva, we had a wonderful time with you. We hope to see you in the future. So long Oak!
Next day we received this e-mail from Rex and Eva:

After leaving your house we drove for about two hours then got a motel room...we were tired. On Sunday, it took us 11 hours to get home because of the many potty breaks we took along the way. Radar did extremely well all
through the trip. We kept him in his crate about 50% of the time alternating from the crate to my lap after each stop. I think he liked my lap better. After we got home, my hunting buddy brought his Lab puppy over to introduce them to one another. The lab is a month older but 4 times bigger, so when they started playing it was like David & Goliath. Radar let the lab put his humongous paws on him a couple of times, but after a quick turn of events, that was the end of that. Radar launched full force back on the lab and started chasing him around the yard! Good for Radar, I thought...he had enough of that & wasn't going to put up with his crap anymore!! That's was a very revealing attribute for the little guy. He didn't go looking for a fight, but he wasn't going to back down either (though this was all play). I was very, very proud of him to say the least!! Thanks again for your warm hospitality and spending so much time with us. The in-depth knowledge you downloaded on us (both you and John) was very much appreciated. We'll keep in touch.
Rex & Eva

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