Friday, April 24, 2009

Keena's puppies are more active with every day

Raising two litters at the same time takes work and time so this is why the posts have not been very frequent. Anyway, both litters are doing well. We moved Keena's pups from my den to our downstairs living room, where the coal stove is located. Gilda's litter was moved to my den.

Today, finally the weather got better, and pups could spend some time outside again. These are the pictures of Keena's puppies. To the left - White Female is trying to lick my shoes. Keena's pups were a bit stressed out when they were taken out as this is a sensitive stage in their life and we have to be careful not to cause sensory overload. When they heard unfamiliar sounds, they barked and howled.

The pups can move well now and are steady on their feet. They get all their nourishment from Keena, who spends now less time with them. They are aware of their littermates' presence now and I noticed some playfighting already.

Keena would like to play with puppies' toys all by herself!

Yellow Female

White Female

Blue Male

Navy Male

Pups spend a lot of time sleeping. They don't want to be isolated by themselves and usually sleep maintaining body contact with other pups.

Keena enjoys abundance of puppy toys.


Matt said...

That's so cute. Even though she has puppies she still loves toys too!


Albert A Rasch said...

Another fine litter of puppies! They are such good looking dogs, even as puppies.

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PS: My wife is tired of me interrupting whatever she is doing to show her the pictures.

Keep on posting them!