Sunday, March 22, 2009

More puppies on the way

This is going to be a very busy spring as soon we are going to have two more litters. Keena (white collar) is due around March 31 and Gilda (orange collar) is due on April 8. As the pictures show, both girls are very much pregnant, and they are doing really well.

Keena, even though looking as a small balloon, is very playful and loves to interact with younger males - Joeri and Tommy. The picture shows her playing with Joeri.

I will be taking her to a vet for an X-ray this coming Friday so we know how many puppies she carries. Also we'll alert the vets that we might need help even though I really hope that everything goes smoothly. This is going to be Keena's second litter. In the first litter, two years ago, she had seven puppies, and the whelping went without any problems.

Keena loves to bask in the sun, stretch and rest on her back. It is nice to see her in such a good shape, so relaxed and happy.

Gilda is Keena's dam, and she was bred to Billy. This is a repeat breeding that produced Keena. She looks big for her stage of pregnancy as she still has 2.5 weeks to go. Gilda has aways whelped with ease, and she is an excellent mother. In her last litter she had six puppies but she looks "more pregnant" this time.

As you see this blog is going to be very busy as we will be raising two litters at the same time, and Emma's puppies are going to stay with us for the next 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned...

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