Monday, February 16, 2009

Puppies start their 5th week - sound conditioning

We have started to do some sound conditioning, which is very important. Since pups are in my office, where I stay most of the time, they are exposed to the phone ringing, tv playing, dogs barking, door slamming etc. But they need more variety than that. Today I put some bubble wrap in their box, which was not only a completely new object to explore but provided a new tactile and sonic stimulation. Popping bubble wrap creates a similar sound to that of a cap pistol. It can be quite loud (depending on the wrap), and at the beginning pups get startled, but they get used to the sound quickly.

Today was also the first day when puppies were introduced to another adult dog. Billy is very easy going and gentle so he was the first one. As you can see he was a hit with the pups.

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