Saturday, February 14, 2009

Puppies' coats at the end of fourth week

It is very difficult, actually impossible, to breed dachshunds with excellent wirehaired coats consistently. Genetics of wirehaired coats has not been solved yet though we know that the wirehaired coat is dominant over the smooth coat and long coats.

As these pictures of four four-week-old puppies show there is a huge variation in wirehaired dachshunds. Even in pups that young we can see it. These differences will be more visible with pups' age.

The above picture shows Oak whose coat is the longest of the litter. Next picture shows Ollie and Oak side by side. Oak (right) has more hair, especially on his face, ears, neck and legs.

There is also a difference in the amount and length of hair between paw pads.

Ollie and Oak

This picture shows Olive and Olana, and thier coats are as different as of their brothers. Olive (left) has much less coat and it is much shorter.

Olive and Olana



If we were to list puppies in the order from the shortest to longest coat it would be Olive, Ollie, Olana and Oak.

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