Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big changes for puppies

Today was a day of big changes for puppies and Emma. First they have been moved from my office to our family room. Their whelping box is attached to a larger pen filled with wood chips. Pups quickly learn to keep the whelping box (now their sleeping quarters) clean and go to bathroom in the chips. We have been using this system for years and have been very satisfied with it. It is a good start to housebreaking, and it keeps puppies clean, and makes the cleanup really quick and easy.

Also today we gave pups their first meal of raw meat mixed with ground bone, organs and veggies. Pups were certainly interested in the food and ate some of it.

Emma can jump in and out with ease so she will continue to let pups nurse over the next week or so, but basically we are starting a gradual weaning.

Emma helped puppies clean the plate, and it was helpful for them to see their mom eating the food.

We gave puppies a deer leg to sniff and chew on. They were cautious but fascinated.

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