Monday, January 26, 2009

Puppies are one week old

Yesterday puppies were one week old. They truly behave like little sharks as this picture of Emma shows. Their weights more than doubled. From now on we'll write about weight in metric grams as it is much easier for me than compare ounces and pounds.
  • Oak (blue) was 323 grams at birth, now he is 785 grams
  • Ollie (green) was born at 300 gr, now 750 gr
  • Olana was 306 gr, now 705 gr
  • Olive was 261 gr, now 615 gr
Pups move quite a bit but they do not spend much time clustered together the way they are in the picture. Usually they are spread all over the whelping box, far apart, even though it is not that warm in my office and one would think they would be more comfortable close one to another.

Emma is a really patient mother. She started to spend some time outside the whelping box, in her dog bed. But any sound coming from the pups pulls her in. Actually so far puppies have been very quiet.

Ollie on his back.

Here Oak got caught sleeping with his tongue out.

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