Saturday, January 17, 2009

all is quiet

Saturday 6 am
We are expecting Emma's puppies soon as today is the 62nd day from the first breeding.

On Friday her temperature in the morning and evening was 99.5F. Her appetite was diminished, but she was still eating small meals consisting of raw chicken and some cheese. She took an occasional small dog biscuit though she has refused dry kibble for a number of days now.

We don't know how many puppies to expect but she looks pretty large. She whelped nine puppies in her first litter and only two in the second. This time my guess is that she carries 7-8 puppies. We don't know for sure as we did not X-ray her. Usually we don't X-ray our pregnant bitches unless we think that a litter is small.

We hope for a smooth delivery but anything is possible. Emma is in a good shape and her pregnancy has been very uneventful. We limited her activities outside as so far this winter has been quite brutal.

I think that she is going to deliver on Sunday so today we will make final preparations. The whelping box has been ready for a number of days now, but she prefers to sleep in her own bed. She still looks quite comfortable all stretched out, on her back or side.

Saturday 3 pm

Emma has not had any food today, just one drink of water. Her temperature is 99.2F. At noon she jumped into the whelping box and she has been staying there since then stretched out. She is becoming less comfortable, occasionally is shivering, and I can see that puppies in her belly are moving quite a bit. From time to time she gives me the anxious look, but most of the time she is very calm and half asleep. Based on my past experience this stage can take quite a few hours, and now I think that she is going to whelp tonight or tomorrow morning. The whelping box is in my den so this is where I will be spending the night.

Saturday 11 pm

All evening Emma has been up and own, has gone to bathroom frequently. Her breathing is heavy and she has been throwing up. I have not noticed any contractions yet.

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Peg Thiele said...

Thank you for including us in this awesome experience. All of us, the boys especially, are anticipating the updates. We pray all goes well. Truly, Peg Thiele